My lab at Colby College has an opening for a postdoc, supported by NSF funding through April 2019. The project takes an integrative set of approaches to examine the developmental mechanisms and evolution of wing polyphenism is soapberry bugs.

Jh morphsThis species has a rich and well described natural history of adaptation to an introduced host plant and is amenable to modern methods of molecular developmental biology. The position will involve functional genetics (via RNAi), gene expression (via in situ hybridization, qPCR and RNAseq), morphometrics, bioinformatics and other tools of developmental biology. I am hoping to find someone with a strong interest in eco/evo-devo and experience with at least some of these methods. Colby College is a selective undergraduate institution located in Waterville, Maine, about one hour from Portland, Acadia National Park and excellent skiing. We are about 3 hours from Boston by car or bus. While this is a research position, I encourage applicants with an interest in teaching and mentoring undergraduates. It will be possible during the postdoc to teach as instructor-of-record in Colby’s January term. More background on the project is available at our outreach website.

Please contact me with any questions if you are interested. Applications should be submitted through Colby’s HR office.