Current lab staff

Dave Angelini

Dave in the field.

Dave is an associate professor in the Department of Biology at Colby College in Waterville, Maine and the principal investigator behind the Bugs in our Backyard project. He was an undergraduate student at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, where he studied biology. He learned how to do research with Bob Paul and Donna Iannotti examining enzyme phosphorylation during hibernation in limpets and with Karen Crawford exploring regulatory proteins during regeneration in annelid worms. His doctoral work with Thom Kaufman at Indiana University described the patterning of appendages in a hemimetabolous insects, the milkweed bug. Dave then moved to the University of Connecticut for a postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of Elizabeth Jockusch, where he examined appendage patterning in flour beetles.

The Angelini Lab now investigates issues of alternative outcomes in development and the interactions of genes and the environment.

Dave has taught a wide range of courses, including introductory biology, genetics, developmental biology, molecular biology, evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo) and a senior seminar in integrative biology.   –   @Aphanotus

Devin O’Brien

Devin is an NSF postdoctoral fellow studying the evolution and development of red shoulder soapberry bugs (Jadera haematoloma). Broadly speaking, Devin is interested in the evolution of “extreme” and “bizarre” morphology and its the costs and benefits to the organism. At Colby he has taught BI242 Comparative Biomechanics.


Current students in the lab

Pilar Fuentes ’22 – working with bugs and beetles

Ye Jin “Jane” Lee ’21 – working with bees and bugs

Carter Liou ’21 – working with bugs and GMM

Kirsten Miller ’21 – working with bugs and beetles

Trisha Mukerjee ’21 – working with bugs and CRISPR

Gaby Pranatio ’21 – working with bugs and beetles

Michael Yorsz ’22 – working with bugs and beetles

Mark Young ’21 – Well, actually, Mark is doing OCS in New Zealand

Former student in the lab

Derek Hernandez ’21 – Currently doing OCS at Bigelow Labs

Sophie Lee ’21 – Now working with Christina Cota

Thomas McMahon ’21 – Now working with Karena McKinney in Chemistry

Alexa Umaza ’21

Lab Alumni

Josefine Just ’19 – now traveling the world!

Mackenzie Scherr ’19

James Gonzalez ’18

Margot Miranda-Katz ’18

Jay Moore ’18

Danielle Smith ’18 – Now a PhD student in biochemistry at Johns Hopkins Medical School

Jane Swart ’18 – Now a PhD student in developmental biology at Duke University

Zhoufan Zhang ’18

Will Simmons ’17J – Now a PhD student in medical biochemistry at Johns Hopkins

Nathan H. Harris ’17

Stacey Hou ’17

Akira Murphy ’17

Ryota R. Nakada ’17

Lake Seymour ’17

Benjamin Wardwell ’17

Meghan Fawcett ’16 – Now a nursing student at Duke University

Chloe Geffken ’16

Karunya Nathan ’16

Mary C. Parks ’16 – Now Executive Director at The Green Crab R&D Project, and co-author of The Green Crab Cookbook.  

Kay Shigemori ’16

Amy Cunningham ’15

Olivia W. Lang ’15

Matthew H. Wilson ’15

Alice Grubb Jones ’14

Daniel H. Kirby ’14

Emily Jamieson ’14

Laura Crowley ’13 – Now a PhD candidate in systems biology at Columbia University

Tyler Parrott ’13

Mara Laslo ’13, MS (American University) – Now a teaching fellow at Harvard University

Julie Syzygy ’12 (American University) – Now a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago

Michael Yarnell ’12 (American University) – Now a Professional Research Assistant at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Ariel Aspiras ’11 MS (American University) – Now a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University

Jenny Knauss ’11 (American University) – Now Associate Medical Director at BGB Group, following a PhD at Cornell Medical School

Stacey L. Baker ’10 MS (American University) – Now a researcher at NIH

Abigail LaBella ’10 (American University) – Now a postdoctoral Scholar at Vanderbilt University

Former lab staff

Joshua Steele, research technician

Maggie McKeon, research technician

Elizabeth Richards, research technician

Juan Camilo Vanegas, research technician