July 23, 2024

The Negatives and Positives to Advancements in Science and Technology

The study of Science, Technology and Society, more commonly known as STS, is the study of how advancements in science and technology affect society and people’s everyday life. Although technology and society seem to advance parallel to one another, there are always down sides to every positive. When factories introduced machines to their factory lines, it made production both faster and easier. This also caused many workers to be laid off as they did not need the same number of workers. As the factory line technology advanced, more and more factory line workers became unemployed. Eventually, as factory line machines continue to advance, actual workers will become obsolete. These machines do not only take away jobs from these workers but also causes actual skills to become useless. Machines that make clothing have made the skill of using the loom near useless. Frank Lloyd Wright touches upon this idea when he states that “if it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger” (Wright). What Wright is describing is that if technology gets to a certain point then factory line workers will only need a finger to push a button, no other skills. By saying this, Frank Lloyd Wright is saying that workers will only need to do one motion, and the rest of their body will waste away due to being unused. In the case of factory line machines, advancements in technology are only beneficial financially to those who own said technology but can also put many out of work.  Although, in most cases technology is very useful to the majority, and advancements are extremely beneficial.  Cell phones and other advancements in communication have not only made it possible to talk to people on the other side of the world but have also made the world a safer place. Unlike in the past, now if someone is injured or needs help all it takes is that one “push-button finger” to get help (Wright). Cell phones can also keep people safe as they are able to give immediate notifications which can keep people away from certain areas if there is some sort of danger. Another important part of science and technology that is highly beneficial to our society is advancements in medicine. These medical technologies not only help heal injured and sick people but also prevent disease and injury from society. For example, the flu vaccine protects not only the people who get it, but also all the people around them as well. The development of anesthesia protects many from pain throughout surgery. The x-ray machine allows doctors to pinpoint where someone is injured so they can more accurately heal them. Although some advancements in science and technology can be detrimental to some parts of society, the majority helps improve the lives of people. It also brings the world together and safe.



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