An Overnight Stay at Flagstaff Hut

After multiple day visits to Flagstaff, I wanted to have the full experience of staying overnight, so I booked a trip for the last weekend of July. Staying overnight at Flagstaff Hut was definitely a highlight of my summer as it was filled with breathtaking nature scenery and unexpected experiences. My adventure began by seeing a moose (!) on the road about a thousand feet away as I was turning onto the trailhead. Upon arriving at the hut after a hike along the lake, I was greeted by hut staff James and Erin who helped to check me in for my overnight stay. After settling into the spacious room that I had to myself, I decided to go kayaking. With no particular destination in mind, I kayaked across Flagstaff Lake and admired the stunning mountain backdrop that enveloped the lakeside. It was the perfect day to be out on the lake with the sun shining through the clouds and minimal wind to push me around. I eventually stumbled upon an island near the dam and stopped there to read my book for a couple of hours, situating myself on a rock by the shore to soak in the sunlight. After a few hours of exploring the island and kayaking around, I made my way back to the dock to see a few other families enjoying the lake. Eventually, dinner rolled around, and I was fortunate enough to meet a few of the parents I had seen earlier while enjoying some delicious homemade and locally sourced food. As nightfall came, I joined the hut staff in swimming under the stars and saw my first shooting star! It was a surreal experience because it was like swimming in space as I looked up to the sky with the serenity of Flagstaff Lake at night. Before going to bed, we relaxed outside around a campfire to watch some more shooting stars soar across the night sky. After a long day filled with many adventures, I retired to my cabin and quickly fell asleep. In the morning, I enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast (the blueberry muffins were the best!) with the parents I had met the evening before and packed up my belongings into my backpack. I said my goodbyes to the staff after breakfast and headed down the lakeside trail to begin my way back to campus. When I had the idea of staying at Flagstaff, I was only planning on going kayaking around the lake, but I left the weekend with some memorable experiences and newfound friends.


My view from the island where I read my book!