History: Harmon W. Paine

Paine owned and operated a fruit and confectionary store in Augusta, and he brewed small beer alongside pop beer. His store was originally on the corner of Water Street and Winthrop, but in 1870 he moved shop to a new location on the same street, across from Granite Hall.

By 1872, Paine had moved to Sewall Street near Western Avenue. Charles E. Albee worked for Paine there in 1873 and 1874, according to the city directory, where he was listed as a “pop beer” manufacturer. Paine appeared to stay in business until 1877.

Location of Harmon Paine's brewhouse in Augusta, ca. 1872 to 1877
The location of Harmon Paine’s final brewhouse was along Sewall Street, across from Lincoln Street in this image. Caldwell & Halfpenny’s Atlas of Kennebec County, ME. 1879. Courtesy of AncestryLibrary.com

See more precise locations of Paine’s brewhouses on the Maine Beer Map.


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