Research and Student Projects

Professor Catherine Bevier: Saving the Frogs

Thomas McMahon ’21: Bee Tracking

CI245 Documentary

Students in CI245 and AM266 have provided web links to their videos and web pages.  Use the links below to learn more about these amazing class projects.


CI245 Documentary Production: A Editor’s Perspective was a course offered during the Fall of 2016 at Colby College.

A documentary comes to life in the editing room. In this course the students engage with various forms of documentary storytelling from an editor’s perspective. In addition to watching documentary films, students produced and edited three documentary video projects. While attention was paid to developing ideas and production, the class focused most heavily on the editing phase of production. Time was given to refine, recut and reedit. Students learned the art of process, of revision and reimagining, as well as learning valuable technical skills such as using a camera, shooting a scene, and interviewing techniques.

Tracing the Midcoast

Tracing the Midcoast was built by members of “The Cultural Geography of Allen Island,” an American Studies course at Colby College in Fall 2016. We explored how people have created and recreated Maine’s Allen Island—as a material place and an idea—and how those material and cultural constructions reflect beliefs about Midcoast Maine, nature, the past, modernity, community, and the individual.