Emergency Contacts:

Call Local Authorities


St. George Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Association
3 School Street
P.O. Box 249
Tenants Harbor, ME  04860
Phone:  (207)-372-6122

U.S. Coast Guard by Phone

US Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center – Boston

Call Island Campus Staff

Jake Ward
[email protected]

Douglas Saunders
[email protected]

Call Colby Security


If needed, Coast Guard by Radio:

U.S. Coast Guard on Channel 16 VHF-FM, Emergency Radio Call


    1. Make sure radio is on
    2. If you have a VHF marine radio, tune it to channel 16 (156.800 MHz). Unless you know you are outside VHF range of shore and ships, call on channel 16 first.
    3. Press/hold the transmit button
    4. Distress signal “MAYDAY”, spoken three times.
    5. The words “THIS IS”, spoken once.
    6. Name of vessel in distress (spoken three times) and call sign or boat registration number, spoken once.
    7. Repeat “MAYDAY” and name of vessel, spoken once.
    8. Give position of vessel by latitude or longitude or by bearing (true or magnetic, state which) and distance to a well-known landmark such as a navigational aid or small island, or in any terms which will assist a responding station in locating the vessel in distress. Include any information on vessel movement such as course, speed and destination.
    9. Nature of distress (sinking, fire etc.).
    10. Kind of assistance desired.
    11. Number of persons onboard.
    12. Any other information which might facilitate rescue, such as length or tonnage of vessel, number of persons needing medical attention, color hull, cabin, masks, etc.
    13. The word “OVER”
    14. Release the transmit button
    15. Wait for 10 seconds – if NO response repeat call.

* Intentional hoax calls are an offense and subject to prosecution

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Colby Contacts:

D. Whitney King
Department of Chemistry
5755 Mayflower Hill
Waterville, Maine 04901
[email protected]
(207)-859-5755 (office)
(207)-649-9674 (cell)

Cate Conway
Administrative Assistant for the Department of Chemistry
5750 Mayflower Hill
Waterville, Maine 04901
[email protected]

Colby Island Campus Team
[email protected]