Computer Science Lab Group Collects Data for Virtual Island Campus Model

Stacy Doore, professor of Computer Science, and her lab group – Allen Harper, Stephanie Rothenberg, Adaobi Nebuwa, Giang Pham, Michelle Phan, Andy Xu, Narit Trikasemsak, and Saki Imai – did a two-night stay on the island in late July to collect data for their Allen Island Digital Twin Project. Their project aims to create the infrastructure for a virtual model of Colby’s Island Campus that combines scientific datasets, interactive features, and artistic representations of the island environment. The model can then be used for teaching, research, and community engagement by a variety of Colby stakeholders. Some of the work they did on this trip was collecting land and underwater acoustic data, using LIDaR, collecting videos and photographs, using GIS and getting measurements of structures, tested AR prototypes and brainstormed interdisciplinary connections between scientific data and cultural data for AR interactions on the island.