Environmental Humanities Trip

On August 4th, the Colby Environmental Humanities Summer Event brought academics in the environmental humanities field from other institutions and from across the world, as well as members of the Colby community who work in the environmental humanities field. 


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Bringing out 22 people, this was the largets event on Allen of the summer and showed our ability to be adaptable towards larger groups. After being stuck in lectures and workshops for the past 2 days, this offered a great opportunity to take a break and actually get to know eachother. What was especially special was this was many people’s first time leaving their home state since the beginning of the pandemic, so this day served as a special treat to everyone. 

To make it even more special, not only did the weather clear up to be unexpectedly sunny, but we were accompanied by Louis Bevier, a renouned birder, who pointed out many things, inlcuding not 1 but 3 bald eagles. 

Photos by Phoebe Parker and Ben Wheeler