June 24th, Explore Trip

On Thursday June 24th, Colby hosted its second Allen Island Explore Trip of 2021. With barely a cloud in the sky, the group was able to see Allen Island at its peak. Like the previous trip, we found the trip was as much about getting to know each other as it was about getting to know the island.

Huddled around the table at lunch was a combination of Philosophy, Chemistry and Sociology Professors as well as members of Colby’s Art Meuseum and Goldfarb. While some people had known each other, many had not. Through the Island, people who had never worked more than a few miles from each other were able to meet and see how vast the Colby community truely is. 

In addition to taking in the vast beauty of the island, we were also able to take a greater appreciation of the Art the Wyeths made on the Island, as well as talk about some of their collection that is still on the island. Of particular interest was an old pipe that was fully intact, as due to the cheap nature of their production it is rare to find anything beyond a fragment of the full pipe. We also got the extra treat of getting to watch Doug, the boat captain, pull a tiny one-clawed lobster from one of his lobster traps, something many of us had never seen before.

Our next explore trip is on June 29th.


Photo Credits to Liam Cotter