Explore Trip 1 – Summer of 2021

On June 19th Colby College hosted its first explore trip for the summer of 2021. After successfully completing the 2020-2021 academic year despite all the restrictions and hardship COVID has placed on us all, it was a great time for members of the Colby community to get together and celebrate each other. This is especially true for us first years, who hadn’t seen many of those on the trip without a mask before.

In the days preceding the trip, the weather looked to be cloudy and rainy for the entire day. Thankfully, this was not the case. While it was still cloudy, there was no rain. The clouds ad mist was actually a plus, as it provided everyone on the trip a cinematic reveal of the island as the islands broke through the mist.

On the island, Professor King first gave the group a quick tour of the island and the facilities, including the kitchen and classroom, on the island. He also spoke with the group about potential programs and events that could be hosted on the island in the future. After the tour, people were free to explore the island as they chose.

Reuniting at 1 for what was intended to be a quick lunch, the group got together and conversed for the next 2 hours. Students, Professors and Faculty were able to get to know each other in a way that was never possible during the school year, despite all of us being in close proximity nearly every day throughout the year. The trip became just as much about the people as it was about the island. It was a particular pleasure to talk with Baptist Minister and Professor of Sociology and African American Studies Cheryl Townsend Gilkes. Seeing her perspective on Allen Island, home of the first christian religious service in Maine, and on the fashion from the film “Crazy Rich Asians” was an absolute blast and something I never would have gotten to experience if I had not been on Allen Island.

Our next explore trip will be on June 24th, 2021

Photo Credits to Rebecca Heath, Alison Kim and Su Park