Scouting the frog ponds – June 6, 2018

Participants—Cathy Bevier, Renner Thomas, and Curtis Zhuang

 This was my first trip to the island for 2018, and I enjoyed scouting for frogs with summer research assistants, Renner and Curtis. We were amazed by all the new lambs jumping around the terrain of the north end compound!

Our day trip was successful even though it was relatively cool and windy. Green Frogs, Lithobates clamitans, were abundant in all 13 inhabitable ponds. Many males were already giving a few calls in the daytime, and we certainly startled a fair share of frogs basking and feeding along the shorelines. I set out a sound recorder at Marsh Pond and look forward to hearing what it captures over the next two weeks. Our next visit will be with the rest of the Amphibian Health research team, and we’ll spend a few days sampling male Green Frogs—stay tuned!