Soundscape Ecology

Allen Island Trip report for 3 May 2017

Participants—Cathy and Louis Bevier

Our goals for the trip were to retrieve recordings from the two sound meters I deployed last week and to observe changes in animal activity, primarily for birds as they engage in spring migration. We were successful in both, and I am currently working through the sound files using Kaleidoscope Pro software (Wildlife Acoustics). The demo version allows me to analyze all sound files from the week (though the demo version limits the number of files) and use the cluster analysis tool. The algorithm searches the sound files and matches up signals that share similar acoustic parameters. The system is very efficient as it ignores the silent parts of the recordings but creates a record of every recorded sound (including
rain). I re-deployed the sound meters, set again to record for 15 minutes every hour until I return around May 18. We enjoyed seeing more migratory birds, flushed the resident Great Horned Owl, and had a close encounter with a Northern Gannet.

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