Making Connections – 11/6/2016

This Saturday Colby Trustee Sandy Buck, Sissy Buck, and a group of Colby facuty met Philip Conkling, Peter Ralston, Buzz  Bullock, and Herring Gut Board Chair Peter Harris for a trip to Allen Island and the Herring Gut School.  Phillip and Peter were the principal island architects that helped Betsy Wyeth transform an uninhabited and over grown island into a unique resource for fishing, education, and research.  The trip was the first visit to the island for several participants and also provided an opportunity the group to interact with Prof. Ben Lisle’s Cultural Geography Class, AM226.

Peter Ralston and Peter Harris discussing island history and the importance of community with a group of Colby students. A lively conversation helped warm the group on a cool November day.
Colby kids at Allen
Ben Lisle’s Cultural Geography of Allen Island class.
Colby Adults on Raven at Allen
The Saturday visitors to Allen Island aboard the Raven.