10/8/16 – Climate Monitoring and Island Exploration

Allen Island is located in the middle of Muscongus Bay, one of the most productive lobster fisheries in Maine.   This project is installing state-of-the-art climate monitoring equipment to monitor air temperature, wind, rain, and humidity above the dock and salinity, and water temperature in the Allen Island – Benner Island channel.

We left Colby at 0500 to meet the the Archangel at dawn in Port Clyde.   IMG_1852


The harbor was covered in early morning fog, but our early arrival was rewarded with great views of the harbor and a spectacular sunrise over Marshall Point Light.IMG_2238



Half our group headed south on the island to scout for geologic formations as part of future bedrock mapping projects.   Our Art colleagues were fascinated with the textures of the island from the rocky shores to the wool caught on the branches of the trees from grazing sheep.

Our data loggers use a small microprocessor connected to the internet via a cellular modem.  The contrast in our island projects from chemical sensors, geology, and art added to our collective experience on the island.



Instruments and data loggers deployed on the Allen Island dock.   Our weather sensor had a communication error and returned to Colby for trouble shooting.  Our sensors in the Allen Island channel are functioning normally.  The water temperature is a brisk 13.5 oC (56 oF) and getting colder.

The Colby crew at the end of a long productive day on the island.   Everyone is looking forward to coming back soon.



Participants left to right:  Francis Dunham, Sergio Madrigal, Ella Maddi, Colette Gould, Tasha Dunn, Whitney King, Amanda Deming, Bonje Obua, Alison Stigora, Daniel and Hayden Harkett.