September 16, 2016


Climate Change Research:

Eight Colby researchers installed climate monitoring hardware on the Allen Island docks.  We began work on Friday afternoon on the rising tide installing pipe behind the dock to hold temperature, carbon dioxide, and salinity sensors.  Muscongus Bay is one of the most productive lobster fisheries on the coast of Maine.  The water is also warming faster than most other places on the Earth.




Up at 0515 to a spectacular sunrise, setting of the Harvest moon, and another low tide.



Pipe was installed above the dock for a research weather station.



The Archangel is our ride to and from the Island.  The Allen Island crew makes is easy to work on this spectacular island.



9/16/16 Program Participants:

Visitor Project Department
Whitney King Climate Chemistry
Sergio Madrigal Climate Chemistry
Francis Dunham Climate Chemistry
Jan King Climate Chemistry
Sarah Friedland Climate Chemistry
Andrew Beacham Climate Chemistry
Carolyn Kwak Climate Chemistry
Christina Mouradian Climate Chemistry