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do we really need humans to explore space?

Imagining the Space is always fascinating. Space travels has gone from fantasy to reality in just fifty years. All human progresses make me wonder where we will be fifty years from now. Trips to the Moon, humans in Earth orbit,… Continue Reading →

Robots and Humans

Roger Launius’ discussion of humans in space made me think about our relationship with, and our reliance on, technology. Human history of space exploration is dependent on technology — we count on machines and technological innovations to keep us alive… Continue Reading →

Poster session

ST197 came to a close with a poster session that covered a range of interesting topics. I’ll reflect on a couple of the posters that I visited here. One poster, by Jay, focused on a Bernie Sanders quote that directly tied climate change… Continue Reading →

Love and Magic

It’s interesting to see how mating rituals have developed throughout time. These days, courtship is a mixture of being straightforward about one’s feelings, while also playing hard to get. But in antiquity, falling in love was so much easier– all… Continue Reading →

The Final Frontier

During his talk on whether robots or humans are the best choice for space flight, Roger Launius kept making the point that humans are designed from an evolutionary perspective for a very specific climate. That is one g of gravity… Continue Reading →

Extreme Media

Plastic surgery was a field pioneered to help those who were disfigured in some way or another, and to help them become appear “normal” once again. Originally most the patients were maimed soldiers, but as time went on the field… Continue Reading →


Tonight, Katie Chow gave a presentation about the Paleo Diet, which I was very interested in. Today there are so many fads that people follow in order to make themselves look healthier. I have had friends and cousins try to… Continue Reading →

Space Travel Issues

Last week, we saw a fascinating lecture from Roger Lanius of the Air and Space museum. He talked about the future of space travel, the movement away from human voyages, and many problems that have arisen with space travel in… Continue Reading →

Robots in Space!

Last week, we were lucky enough to hear from the current director of the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, who was interested in comparing the experiences of robots and humans in space travel. For a long time, we have thought… Continue Reading →

EC November 22

I found the presentation by Ana Carden-Coyne really interesting. “The Sensory War, 1914-2014” is an exhibition that came from a collaboration between Manchester Art Gallery and Whitworth Art Gallery. It focused on a century of artists responding to modern war…. Continue Reading →

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