Tour de Melville

"Boys Town"

I have had many family and friends asking me what the room I’m staying in is like, so I decided to show you my room, and the other places where I spend time relaxing on the Melville.  When we arrived on the Melville in Punta Arenas, we received room assignments.  I was assigned to share a room with Brittney, a senior at Western Washington State, on the second platform.  After winding our way through the maze of passages and stairwells in the ship, we finally found our stateroom.

Fitness Area

We learned from the captain that our room is known as “Boys Town.”  There are two sets of bunks, and usually four boys are assigned to share this room.  Brittney and I are fortunate enough to have the room to ourselves so we folded up the top bunks, then each claimed a bottom bunk and plenty of space!  The room is decorated with shades of yellow and tan.  All the furniture is made of steel and has many latches to secure drawers and doors from flying open when the ship rolls.  There have been several nights already that I’ve wondered if I myself would roll out of bed; people on the top bunk in other staterooms have expressed similar concerns.

Ship's Library

Right outside our room is one of the three areas on the ship where exercise equipment can be found.  I’ve used the stationary bike twice so far, and it felt great to stretch my legs!  The constant battle against the rocking of the ship is helping strengthen my “sea legs” pretty quickly—although I still haven’t dared to stop taking seasickness medication.  Perhaps when the seas become calmer closer to 30˚S I will be so adventurous.  Other rooms to relax in aboard the ship include the well-stocked library and the public computer room.  However, most of my waking hours are spent working in the main lab… more on that to come!


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