Lucky Melville – We made it with 11 hours to spare!

Melville crew pulling in dock lines as we leave the dock in Punta Arenas

Readers may recall the we left the dock in Punta Arenas at 1 PM local time on January, 11, 2011.   While we were waiting to leave we had been hearing rumors that the citizens of the Magallanes Provence were threatening to strike over a 20% increase in oil prices.   What we didn’t know at the time was that we went to sea with only 11 hours to spare.   Starting at midnight on January 12 a general strike was called that effectively blocked all roads, air travel, and access to the dock.   Tragically, several protesters were killed when a truck attempted to drive through barriers on a road.   Thousands of tourists have been stranded in Punta Arenas.   Read more about the strike by following the links below.

1/14/2011: Punta Arenas: Two Dead, 32 Arrested In Early Hours of Massive Strike

1/16/2011: Strike easing in Magallanes, Chile

– Whitney

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