University of New Brunswick ’17 Results

Women’s Team — 4th place overall

Alyssa Lang (’18), Amy Kopec (’18), Elizabeth Oakley (’18), Jamie Attanasio (’20), Laura Sodano (’20), Sydney Greenlee (’20)
  • 1st place in Singles Fire Build (Alyssa Lang ’18)
  • 1st place in Team Pulp Toss
  • 2nd place in Axe Throw (Sydney Greenlee ’20)
  • 2nd place in Accuracy Cut (Alyssa Lang ’18)
  • 2nd place in Team Crosscut
  • 3rd place in Pole Climb (Jamie Attanasio ’20)
  • 3rd place in Stock Saw (Laura Sodano ’20)
  • 3rd place in Team Bow Saw
  • 3rd place in Team Crosscut
  • 3rd place in Team Log Decking

Men’s Team — 13th place overall

Wes Zebrowski (’18), Will Gross (’18), Joe Yauch (’19), Tommaso Wagner (’19), Jack Taylor (’21), Calvin Bohner (’21)
  • 2nd place in Fire Build (Wes Zebrowski ’18)

(from left to right, top to bottom)
Wes Zebrowski, Sydney Greenlee, Jamie Attanasio, Alyssa Lang, Duncan Coles, Laura Sodano, Calvin Bohner, Jack Taylor, Dave Smith, Elizabeth Oakley, Joe Yauch, Amy Kopec, Will Gross, Chloe Wan

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