Walls of Colby

As Colby students, we first see the spaces we live in as bare, white-walled rooms, devoid of any evidence of human presence. They feel alien at first—disconcertingly empty boxes we’ll inhabit for nine months, but never really own. We wage war against this unfamiliarity and temporariness through the decoration and personalization of our dorm room walls.

Art, Community, and Ethical Urban Development

Students enrolled in the course hosted Theaster in a class discussion, joined him on a tour of Waterville’s South End, attended multiple community meetings arranged around his visit, and traveled to Chicago to visit some of his projects on the South Side. These are some of their responses to that experience.

Artists unknown, American Scrimshaw Corset Busks, c. 1845. Ivory and baleen, ink. Various dimensions. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ellerton M. Jetté, American Heritage Collection 1956.103

A Second Skin

Scrimshaw Corsest Busks

Men drawn to the whaling life were promised adventure, but scrimshaw attests that excitement did not dominate the months or years they were out at sea.