Interview: Bill Morrison

In January, artist and filmmaker Bill Morrison joined The Lantern for a Zoom interview to reflect on the Colby Museum’s fall downtown exhibition, Bill Morrison: Cycles and Loops.    

Playscape PLAYlist

Inspired by the works in the exhibition Playscape: Contemporary Art from the Colby Museum’s Collection, Museum staff Andrew Witte brings together examples of auditory kitsch from the past 100 years.

Open Letter to Colby

In his last article as Lantern Writer-in-Residence, Dominic Bellido ’24 writes to the larger Colby community about a collection of Indigenous artifacts found on Allen Island, Colby’s new “island campus”. 

Dancing in Mirrors: Alex Katz, Race, and the Guggenheim Trip

After attending a symposium on Alex Katz at the Guggenheim Museum, Dominic Bellido ’24 critically reflects on how race and representation in the collections shape student engagement with the Colby

How to Paint with Sound

In this article, Lantern Writer-in-Residence Dominic Bellido reviews the Painting with Sound installation that took place in All in One: Selections from the Alex Katz Foundation last December, with an introduction from