Interrogating Kara Walker’s no world

Through a combination of poetry, prose, and critical writing, Sally Kashala ’23 narrates a viewing experience of Kara Walker’s no world. Content warning: This piece contains mentions of self-harm and

Museum Student Guides in a Year of Upheaval

The first training session for the Colby Museum of Art’s Student Guide program began on February 29, 2020. Three weeks later, the Museum was closed—with staff working from home and

In the Galleries: Iterations of Wood

  The current installation in the lobby of the Colby Museum of Art features works by Thaddeus Mosley, Nabil Nahas, and Sherrie Levine that draw on the formal qualities of

In the Galleries: Representations of Migration

In her book Borderlands/La Fontera: The New Mestiza (1987), Chicana theorist, scholar, and poet Gloria Anzaldúa states that “The U.S.-Mexican border es una herida abierta [an open wound] where the

Poems in Conversation with the Work of Andrew Moore

For this assignment, Intro to Creative Writing students learn to make metaphors using Andrew Moore’s photograph, Courtyard, former Cass Technical High School building, as inspiration. Through a series of generative-writing