State of Municipal Solid Waste

Cassandra Smith

Class of 2015
Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland
Majors: Environmental Policy and Anthropology
Areas of Interest: Environmental and Public Health, Tribal Environmental Health, and Social Policy.
Work Experience: Intern with Montgomery Parks Biological Management Division, Research Assistant Intern with Montgomery Parks in the Archeological Division, Student Supervisor for Olin Science Library
Devki Rana

Class: 2015
Hometown: New York, New York
Major: Environmental Policy, Minor: Education
Areas of interest: urban development, public health, food policy, education reform, and human rights
Work experience: Aasraa Trust (non-profit in Dehradun, India); Grey Group Singapore; Case study research on Food and Nutrition in Vietnam, South Africa, and Brazil; Extensive ecological research on public perception and opinions on marine protected areas in Moorea, French Polynesia
Noma Moyo
Class: 2015
Hometown: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Major: ES concentration in International Environmental Policy, Minor: Economics
Areas of Interest: Carbon Management, Corporate Sustainability, Climate Change Adaptive Strategies, Public Health
Work Experience: Environmental Protection and Outreach Intern at the Environmental Management Agency, Zimbabwe; Student Consultant Supervisor in Information Technology Services, Colby College; Environmental Studies Program Assistant at Colby College, Resource Center Assistant at Higher Life Foundation


State of Alternative Transportation

Alex Wilsterman
Class: 2015
Hometown: Winchester, MA
Major: Environmental Policy & Economics
Environmental Interests: Sustainable development, energy policy, renewables
Work Experience: Research Assistant in the Colby College Economics department working in non-market valuation of environmental goods such as grasslands and national parks
Jeff Meltzer
Class: 2015
Hometown: Sudbury, MA
Major: Environmental Studies (Policy)
Environmental Interests: Environmental education, sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency
Work Experience: Colby Office of Sustainability, Colby Environmental Studies Department, Small Planet Institute, Natural Resources Council of Maine, Colby Organic Garden
Leah Powley
Class: 2015J
Hometown: Neenah, WI
Major: Environmental Studies (Policy)
Areas of interest: Food policy and security, climate change policy, climate change and human rights
Work experience: Oceana (NGO), University of Maryland Prevention Research Center, Colby College Environmental Studies Department


State of Island and Coastal Wildlife

Connor O’Neil
Class: 2015
Hometown: Freeport, ME
Major: Environmental Policy
Environmental Interests: Marine policy, fisheries management, wildlife management, sustainability
Work Experience: Commercial Clam Digging, Internship with the Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research
Katherine Rizk
Class: 2015
Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Major: Environmental Policy
Areas of Interest: Marine policy, Fisheries, Sustainable seafood, Food policy
Work Experience: EcoRep at Colby College, Restaurant outreach intern at PDXSeafood, Conservation intern at Nevis Historical and Conservation Society
Kellie Walsh
Class: 2015
Hometown: Andover, MA
Major: Environmental Policy
Areas of Interest: marine policy, fisheries, sustainability
Work Experience: The adidas Group Corporate Real Estate Sustainability Intern, Environmental Education Instructor at the Maria Mitchell Association, Student Worker in the Olin Science Library, Colby College
Maddie Johnson
Class: 2015
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Major: Environmental Policy Minor: Human Development
Areas of interest: Sustainable agriculture, Urban food policy, Wildlife conservation, and Environmental education
Work Experience: Programs intern at Earthwatch Institute, Research Assistant at The Best Bees Company, Assistant teacher at local Waterville school


State of  Maine Islands

Connor Whitley
Class: 2015
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Major: Environmental Policy and Economics
Areas of Interest: International and Domestic Marine Policy, Alternative Energy and Energy Conservation, Large Landscape Conservation
Work Experience: Intern with Coastal Mountains Land Trust, Summer 2013. Policy Intern with Oceana, Summer 2014
Mark Vargas
Class: 2015
Hometown: Providence, RI
Major: Environmental Policy
Areas of Interest: Fisheries management, endangered species management, sustainable energy, increasing management efficiency
Work Experience: Seasonal intern and research assistant at US Environmental Protection Agency (Narragansett, R, 2013), Seasonal intern and Lean Training assistant at Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (2014)
Ruthie Hawley
Class: 2015
Hometown: Poulsbo, WA
Major 1: Environmental Studies (Policy)Major 2: Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Areas of Interest: Relationship between women’s empowerment, consumer culture and environmental degradation (topic for Honor’s Thesis in WGSS); Corporate Social Responsibility, body politics, gender and advertising
Work Experience: Admission Communications Assistant at Colby College, Marketing Intern at The SunriseGuide, LLC, Fisheries Intern at CEI (Coastal Enterprises, INC), Education intern at Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Research presented at Colby Liberal Arts Symposium in conjunction with Theresa Petzoldt ‘14 and Ruthie Hawley ‘15: Female Empowerment and Objectification in the Media: An Analysis of Female Imagery in Magazine Advertisements
Sara Miller
Class: 2015
Hometown: Andover, MA
Major: Environmental Studies (Policy)
Areas of interest: Environmental Education, Large Landscape Conservation, Human-Wildlife Conflict
Work Experience: Environmental Education Instructor, Maria Mitchell Association, Summer 2013; Conservation Education Fellow, Wildlife Conservation Society, Summer 2014


State of Big Game Species

Angela Cross
Hometown: Woodstock, NY
Major: Environmental Studies (Policy)
Areas of Interests : Endangered species (jaguars) , human/wildlife conflict mitigation, and environmental education
Work Experience: Environmental Educator at the Belize Zoo, Wilderness Ventures Trip Leader, Research Assistant for Jaguar Conservation (GVI Costa Rica), Research Assistant for the Endangered Bog turtle (Hudsonia, Bard College), Research Assistance in the Frog Lab of Catherine Bevier and Belgrade Lakes Research Assistant for Russ Cole.
Jake Lukach
Class: 2015
Hometown: Easton, CT
Major: Environmental Studies (Policy) and Anthropology
Environmental Interests : Environmental Policy and Government, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Environmental Law, Carbon Management, Corporate Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Wildlife Conservation
Work Experience: The adidas Group Corporate Real Estate Sustainability Intern; Ecology Intern at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo; Lab TA for Introduction to Ecology at Colby College; Marketing and Photography Intern for the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS); Ecological research conducted on Marines Protected Areas and public participation in Moorea, French Polynesia; Extensive policy research conducted on the topics of wind energy, solar power, environmental policy, and food systems in Europe; Library Services Assistant at Colby College Olin Science Library
Meredith Braun
Class: 2015
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Major: Environmental Studies (Policy)
Areas of Interest: International Marine Policy, Environmental Law, Tropical Marine Ecosystems, Marine Species Conservation, Environmental Education, Animal Rights, Oceanography
Work Experience: Environmental Educator/Counselor at Whippoorwill Farm Day Camp; Assistant at Cairns Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre; Extensive ecological field research conducted in Queensland, Australia; Ecological research conducted on Marine Protected Areas and public participation in Moorea, French Polynesia; Research presented at Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium in Conjunction with Carol Walker ‘15: The Toxicity of Bisphenol-S: A Replacement Chemical for Bisphenol-A; Research presented at Colby Liberal Arts Symposium in conjunction with Theresa Petzoldt ‘14 and Ruthie Hawley ‘15: Female Empowerment and Objectification in the Media: An Analysis of Female Imagery in Magazine Advertisements