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Waterville Maine, 1907











Ours is a community rich in photographic, historical, and cultural resources. To explore the relationship between photography and migration in Maine, we recommend the following sources.

At Colby College

Francos of Waterville = Les Francos de Waterville racontent (2004; 60 mins)
Directed by Professor Arthur Greenspan, French. This documentary film about the Franco-American community in Waterville was made in 2003 in collaboration with French majors at Colby.

Maine Jewish History Project
Created by Professor David Freidenreich, Religious and Jewish Studies.

The Somali Bantu Experience: From East Africa to Maine
Created by Professor Catherine Besteman, Anthropology. This website explores the Somali community in Lewiston, Maine through audio interviews and photographs.

Special Collections, Colby Libraries

In Waterville and Maine

Franco-American Centre Franco-Américain, University of Maine at Orono

Franco Center for Heritage and the Performing Arts, Lewiston

Franco-American Women’s Institute

Genealogy Research in the Maine State Archives

John Marshall and Alida Carroll Brown Research Library, Maine Historical Society

Maine Historical Society

Penobscot Maritime Museum
This museum contains one of the largest archives of historical photographs in Maine.

Peopling Maine,” Maine Memory Network

University of Southern Maine, Franco-American Collection

Waterville Historical Society

Click here for a complete list of Maine historical societies.

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