History: Rumery and Chase

John H. Rumery and Samuel B. Chase manufactured beer and wine together from their location on 1 Water Street in Saco for 3 years, from 1868-1871. Rumery was born in approximately 1826 in New Hampshire. His wife, Lydia J. was one year his junior.

In 1871, Rumery left the business, while Chase continued brewing at the same location until 1876, when, at age fifty, he ended the brewing venture completely. Chase and his wife, Ellen L. (six years his junior) had two children, Lucy E. and Samuel D.

It is unclear where either of the men went after leaving the brewing business.

This image of Water Street contains the business after Rumery left, leaving Chase as the sole proprietor. Image from Sanford, Everts, & Co.’s Atlas of York County, ME. 1873. Courtesy of AncestryLibrary.com

See the precise locations of the Rummery and Chase brewhouse on the Maine Beer Map.


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