History: Aaron B. Robinson

Robinson ventured into the brewing business in 1867, setting up a shop on Bangor’s Franklin Street and operating there through at least 1871. Sometime around 1873, he moved his brewhouse to 65 Broad Street. In 1877, his location is listed at 2 Kenduskeag Bridge. In 1879, he relocated to his home: 12 Birch Street (due to renumbering, now approximately 98 Birch). In 1881, he formed Citizen’s Ice Co. with his son, but he continued operating his beer and soda manufacturing on the side until his death in December of 1904.

Aaron Robinson's brewery at 65 Broad Street, Bangor, in 1875
Aaron Robinson’s brewery at 65 Broad Street, i Bangor. from Atlas of Penobscot County, Maine (New York City: Comstock & Cline, 1875)

Robinson was born in 1835, or perhaps 1832, as census data is somewhat unclear. He was born in Harmony, Maine, but found his way to Bangor by the time he was about 21 years old. Robinson was appreciated by the Bangor community. The obituary published in the Bangor Daily News, says that “Mr. Robinson was always successful in his enterprises and was respected by all who knew him for his ability and integrity.”

Aaron Robinson's brewery at 65 Broad Street in Bangor, 1875
Aaron Robinson’s brewery at 65 Broad Street in Bangor, 1875. from Bird’s Eye View of the City of Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine 1875 (Library of Congress)


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