History: Patrick McGlinchy

Patrick McGlinchy ran a wholesale depot for Casco Brewery at 138-144 Fore Street (342-344 Fore St. by contemporary numbering). McGlinchy had been born in Ireland ca. 1817; by the 1850s he was working as a “trader” on Fore Street. In 1858, he partnered with his brother James and John Bradley at Forest City Brewery; by 1860, he and his brother had started Casco Brewery.

Patrick McGlinchy advertisement, 1869
Advertisement for Patrick McGlinchy in Portland, Maine Business Directory, 1869

Like his brother James, Patrick had his shop raided by the police numerous times. In August 1856, he was charged with being a “common seller of intoxicating liquors” and put on trial. Fortunately for McGlinchy, the witnesses, a reporter wrote, “all fail to remember anything about the matter, and the defendant is acquitted.”

His store was searched and liquor was seized in March of 1863; he was found guilty and fined $20. This happened again in December 1864, June 1866, and January 1867. One barrel of whiskey and “two demijohns of other liquors” were seized from 50 Adams Street in April 1872. His goods were again seized, and he was fined, in February 1877, March 1877, and November 1877.

Though not as wealthy as his brother, Patrick did alright for himself. In 1870, he owned $22,000 in real estate and had $7,000 in his personal estate. He continued to brew until 1882, then turned fully to his saloon until he died in 1888.



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