Press Release 27-29 May

Anti-skyscapes and Anti-soundscapes: public engagements

James Rodger Fleming (Colby College)

How might we see and even listen to the climate? Historian James Fleming, author of Fixing the Sky and Inventing Atmospheric Science, and founder of the International Commission on History of Meteorology will discuss anti-skyscapes and anti-soundscapes at the Royal Anthropological Institute conference on weather and climate change at the British Museum on May 29.

Anti-skyscapes can be gloomy, menacing, and increasingly, in the case of climate change, invisible. Performance artists and environmental scientists render them and their ominous audio counterparts into tangible objects for public engagement. Professor Fleming will be available during the meeting for interviews on any aspect of weather and climate history.

Contact information Email: [email protected]
UK Cell: +44 7906 692 249