Judy Brody

Judy was born in 1937 and grew up in Waterville. Her parents paid a private tutor to come twice a week to teach her to read and write Hebrew. Judy was interviewed by Jena Hershkowitz.

Judy Brody: At the time I grew up in Waterville, we did not have a Hebrew school.  My parents were very concerned that I, and my closest-in-age sibling, who was nineteen months younger, that both of us be able to learn to read in Hebrew.  As a result, one of the things I remember during my middle school years was how much I didn’t like the private tutor that they hired to come, twice a week, to teach me how to read Hebrew.  Now, of course today there are Hebrew classes and I raised my children here and they went to Hebrew school and so forth.  We did have Sunday school, and Sunday school was taught by Colby students, Jewish Colby students, at that time.  That was more to understand what the holidays were about and what Jewish life was like outside of Waterville, Maine, because of course these teachers came from everywhere

Jena Hershkowitz: And there also wasn’t a Hebrew school at that time, but there was Sunday school.

JB: Sunday school, which the Colby students ran.

JH: So was that one of the prime places where you would see other Jewish kids in the area?

JB: Yes, the only place.