Civic Organizations

Jewish Participation in Waterville Civic Organizations

by Hasan Bhatti ’10 (January 2010)

Welcome to the Jewish Participation in Waterville Civic Organizations website.  Here you will find a wealth of information on the types of organizations, both Jewish and non-Jewish, that the Jews in Waterville, Maine, involved themselves with from 1900 until the late 1970s, why they decided to do so, and what this tells us about the Jews of Waterville, Maine.

I hope this site provides a good insight into how Jews in Waterville found their identity as Jewish Watervillians by affiliating with both Jewish and non-Jewish civic organizations within Waterville.

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  1. Jewish Civic Organizations
  2. Non-Jewish Civic Organizations
  3. Why the Jews of Waterville Joined Civic Organizations/Conclusions
  4. Bibliography