Day 5: Race and Racism in Bolivia, and off to the altiplano

On day 5, we heard from Dan Moriarty, a lay Maryknoll who has spent more than 20 years in Bolivia. He discussed race and racism in Bolivia, including the escalation of racist attacks during the Morales administration. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures!

In the afternoon, we departed for Torotoro National Park, which involved many amazing adventures. Getting there was a 6 hour bus ride to cover 85 miles of intense switchbacks and some of the most amazing scenery I have ever seen.


The at-best cobble stone road was often a sheer drop, but our expert driver got us there in one piece.


There were hikes, up and down boulders, in caverns formed by millennia of wind and water, overlooking amazing vistas.




Followed by a two hour caving expedition.

The next day we did an “easy” hike down into a gigantic canyon, and enjoyed some cool river water.


But the highlight for me was having students teach me to play bullsh*t after dinner.

Thanks to Miriam Kopp for the wonderful photos!

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