A Few Days of Rest

So after a full week’s work we had a relaxing weekend off. Yesterday we spent the morning catching up on field notes and lounging around. Then, we drove to Mountain Zebra National Park, about an hour’s drive from Ganora. We took an evening drive around the park, taking lots of great pictures of zebra, antelope, and many other animals. We hoped to see some cape water buffalo on our drive, but there were none to be found. However, we were greeted by a ranger at dinner who warned us to be careful on our way back to the rooms. Apparently a buffalo had broken into the camp! Some unhappy rangers were still stationed at the camp gate the next morning. We took another drive in the morning, seeing more zebra and baboons. We drove back to Ganora in the early afternoon, and had a relaxing time reading and enjoying the breezy day. Back in the field tomorrow!

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