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Class Visits

We offer several types of archival labs that can be customized to support your pedagogical goals. Archival labs can range from a single class visit to multiple sessions over an entire semester.

“Skill-building labs” – students work with materials regardless of content
“Content-based labs” – archival materials connect to the class via time/topic/genre
A hybrid approach, combining these two options

All labs are hands-on. We encourage students – and all of our patrons – to responsibly handle our treasures in order to better comprehend them. We believe Colby students in particular should experience the excitement of handling the college’s culturally-significant materials that are very old, rare or unique.

In addition, if your syllabus schedule is tight, we do go “on the road,” bringing archival materials to your classroom for short presentations. While these encounters with Special Collections may be less effective than archival labs in demonstrating the joys and challenges of archival research, they do acquaint students with the opportunities for original scholarship that our materials offer.

We strongly encourage individual student research using our collections and we can support a wide range of final presentations, from web sites and performance to the more traditional scholarly paper.