Welcome to CH115! Here you will find weekly course updates and other important information!

Week 5 (Oct 4):

Peer Review of How Stuff Works is due on Wednesday night. Link is here.

Incident Report #2 is due Friday (Oct 7th) at 4:00 PM.

Quiz #2 closes on Friday at 11:59 PM. It focuses on Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, and Biochemistry.

Week 4 (Sept 26):

Schedule change: How Stuff Works #1 is now due THIS Friday (Sept 30th) and Incident Report #2 is due NEXT Friday (Oct 7th).

Rubric for How Stuff Works report is here:

Sign up for the PechaKucha talks here.

Peer assessment form for the PechaKucha talks is here.

See Week 3 for the rubric for the PechaKucha talks.

Week 3 (Sept 22):

Quiz 1 is live on Moodle until Sunday night!

Incident Report on your topic is due on Friday, Sept 23 on Moodle.

Rubric for the Incident Reports is here:

Peer assessment form for the PechaKucha talks is here.

Rubric for the PechaKucha talks is here:

Week 2 (Sept 15):

Homework #2 is to complete the plagiarism quiz, take a screenshot of the final page, and submit as a pdf via Moodle by class on Tuesday. Quiz link is here.

Tuesday’s class next week will include a visit from Data and Science Librarian Kara Kugelmeyer on information retrieval. Please watch her video here and complete the form here, optimally by Monday so that she can view your answers. This is Homework #3.

Week 1 (Sept 8th):

Blog #1 (mandatory) should be due on Friday, September 9th, but given that it requires some legwork to complete, you have until Monday at 4 PM to complete your post. You also have additional time to comment on a classmate’s post (by Wednesday at 4 PM).

Homework #1 is to come up with your crime-related blogging nickname here.

  • Make sure that you do the reading from Actual Innocence for class on Tuesday (posted under the Course Materials tab).