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A map of the bees

For the last several years, members of my lab and I have been involved in surveying the diversity of bumblebees in and around Maine. I’ve been a volunteer contributor to the Maine Bumblebee Atlas, a citizen science project run by… Continue Reading →

Bees in our Backyard

What’s with the tents behind the baseball field? These tents contain several colonies of a native bumblebee, Bombus impatiens. These colonies are commercially available for large scale pollination. This summer our lab is investigating the expression of antimicrobial peptides in bumblebees, under… Continue Reading →

The House Carpenter

This mother’s day I was at my in-laws north of Boston. Their house has an old barn that’s been converted into an in-law apartment (ironic) with a large wooden carport. (It’s used for parking boats just as often.) The wooden… Continue Reading →

The Great Black Wasps of Tower Hill

My family and I are enjoying the last days of summer, and we have been visiting my wife’s parents in Massachusetts. Thursday we drove out to  Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston. North-central Mass is where I grew up, and it’s always interesting… Continue Reading →

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