The Colby Volunteer Center was founded after sororities and fraternities were disbanded by President Cotter. The students wanted an outlet where they could be actively involved with their community.

The CVC is a campus wide umbrella organization. Each year it expands, adding new members and programs to its roster. Among the more than 20 programs available to participate in, there are opportunities for playing with shelter animals, cooking meals for the homeless, working with AIDS patients, adopting a grandmother, reading to children, working on international service projects, and much more.

These programs are each run by there own program leaders who report to the CVC executive board (the director and assistant director) once a month during a program leader meeting. The program leaders are also responsible for helping with publicity for other volunteer events, recruitment and retention of volunteers, and volunteer recognition. Without the program leaders the CVC would cease to exist.

In addition to several programs that the CVC offers, we also have one-time events that go on during the year on campus. For example, we host The Waterville Games, a sports day for the children of the surrounding area, the Halloween Extravaganza, a safe place for children to celebrate Halloween, Valentine Card Making for Retirement Homes, The Coffee Social, a celebration of Colby’s student talent to raise money for a local charity, The Hunger Banquet, which recognizes Homelessness Awareness Week, Colby Cares Day, a day were the Colby community goes out into Waterville to do many different projects, and other smaller opportunities.

All of these events would not happen without the CVC’s advisory board, which is made up of college administrators, faculty, staff, and students. This board helps facilitate decisions about the volunteer center.

The Volunteer Center has flowed into a well-oiled machine over the years. However, one of its goals is to continue to strenghen the schools bonds with the surrounding area. Both Waterville and Colby can grow from suchopportunities. One other goal is to become more involved with other clubs and organizations on campus to create more diverse service opportunities.

The Volunteer Center encourages everyone to be active within their community and is always in need of dedicated and interested volunteers.