The following resources and sites are related to this project and/or instrumental in its creation.

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Lindquist, Alyson (2003). From Apathy to Acceptance: A History of Racism and Heterosexism at Colby College. Honors Thesis, Department of History.

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Molly. (2011). Listen.

DeAngelis, Hannah (2012). Queering the Colby Archive: Combating Queer Erasure with Narratives of Queer Survival. Senior Seminar Paper, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Program.

Rosenbaum, Rachel A. (2013). Finite to Fail Infinite to Venture- Interactivism and Relational. Honors Thesis, Department of Anthropology. 

Vetter, Anne. (2017). It’s not you, it’s…Hookup Culture and Sexual Subjectivity. Honors Thesis, Department of Anthropology. 

Colby Special Collections

The home page of the Special Collections department of Colby’s Miller Library. The gracious cooperation and dedication of the Special Collections staff, particularly Pat Burdick, has made our work endlessly more productive.

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