Posse Scholars along with the Colby Community engaging in powerful conversations

The Posse Foundation is an organization that recruits and trains students who have superb leadership abilities and extraordinary academic potential for enrollment into the best colleges and universities in the United States. In 2003, Colby College formed an alliance with the Posse Foundation. This alliance ensures that 10 to 12 Posse Scholars, known as a “posse”, are members of the freshman class every year. The Posse Scholars attend a pre-collegiate program organized by the Posse Foundation for eight months. The pre-collegiate program prepares the scholars for challenges they may face at their respective colleges. Through Posse, Colby is able to increase its recruitment of diverse students who have the potential to succeed and become powerful leaders at Colby and beyond.

Each year the Posse Program has a PossePlus Retreat where Posse members invite members within the college community, faculty and students, to engage in meaningful and powerful conversations and each PossePlus Retreat has a specific theme.   The PossePlus Retreat is a time where members of the community can gather is a safe space and discuss issues that are affecting our current generation.

Echo Article:

“Letters” – The Colby Echo | Thursday, April 24, 2003 | 4