MAV began as Male Athletes Against Violence (MAAV) in February 2011. It was started by Cody McKinney (’11), Matt Carey (’11), and Eric Barthold (’12), modeled on the Male Athletes Against Violence program at the University of Maine-Orono (founded and directed by Professor Sandy Caron), and inspired by Heather Pratt’s (’11) senior thesis “Silencing and Sexual Assault at Colby.” The faculty advisor for MAAV was Mark Tappan, Professor of Education.

MAAV was approved as a Student Club by the Colby Student Government Association in March 2011, based on the following mission statement:

1) Promoting awareness of the frequency of sexual violence on college campuses and specifically Colby College.

2) Creating a universal standard that defines sexual harassment and violence as it applies to students at Colby.

3) Creating a safe forum for discussion between men and women regarding violence on campus in an effort to make sexual violence a men’s issue.

4) Challenging social norms of nightlife and the drinking culture on campus by promoting accountability amongst men on campus in an effort to eliminate indifference.

Cody and Matt graduated in May 2011, and Eric Barthold assumed the Presidency of MAAV for the 2011-2012 school year. The primary project for MAAV during its first full year of existence was to engage the members of male sports teams at Colby in a conversation about masculinity, male privilege, male entitlement, and sexual assault prevention. Eric developed a guide for facilitating these conversations, and he spent the year contacting coaches and captains, and scheduling and conducting conversations. Eric’s goal was to have a conversation with all 13 male teams.

With funding from the Dean of Faculty’s office MAAV also invited Daryl Fort to campus during the spring of 2012 to conduct a two-day training for MAAV members interested in facilitating conversations with athletic teams. Seven MAAV members attended Daryl’s training.

Eric Barthold graduated in May 2012 and John Kalin assumed the presidency of MAV for 2012-2013. The group also changed its name in September 2012, from Male Athletes Against Violence to Mules Against Violence (MAV), to acknowledge and welcome the growing number of women interested in joining and participating. The MAV mission statement was also updated: “MAV is a coalition of students who want to raise awareness about sexual violence in the Colby community as well as to challenge our typical understanding of masculinity and male athletes.”

Danny Noyes (alpine ski team coach) joined Mark Tappan and Andrea Breau (Director of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Program) as members of MAV’s faculty/staff advisory committee.

Two student-led projects to represented the primary focus for MAV’s efforts in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014: conversations with athletic teams and “Party with Consent.” In addition, MAV co-sponsored the first Colby Men’s Summit in April 2014.

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