Welcome to CH115! Here you will find weekly course updates.

Week 13 (week of Nov 28th):

On Wednesday, please  bring a written question for our visiting speaker, Gerry Boyle ’78. An English major at Colby, Gerry went on to become a newspaper reporter and columnist for the Morning Sentinel. He is also the author of a dozen crime novels, set mostly in Maine. Be prepared to turn in your question (make sure it’s on a separate page that has your name on it).

Quiz #7 is also on Wednesday, covering ethics and forensic techniques.

Final presentations begin on Monday. You should practice your presentation to make sure it is the correct length (12-15 minutes). Either load your presentation onto the classroom computer the night before or bring it on a flash drive. (Internet failures are not a legitimate excuse for not being ready to go at the designated time.)

Required elements of the presentations are as follows:

  • Case background− objective summary of the facts of the case… Who? What? Where? When?
  • Overview of the evidence− objective summary
  • Overview of the techniques used to analyze the evidence and the results of the analysis
  • Assessment of the quality of the analysis. Was it effective? Could it have been improved?
  • Outcome of the case− Conviction? Unsolved?

Rubric for the presentation is here: Final_Presentation_Rubric-CH115-2016.

Your final paper is due at noon on December 14th. Rubric for the final paper is here: Rubric_FinalPaper_CH115-2016.

Week 12 (week of Nov 21st):

Editing assignment due on Monday. Tips on editing can be found here: (http://writetodone.com/trouble-sticking-to-your-word-count-try-these-editing-tricks/). For your reference, here is Prof. Millard’s edited version that was actually used as Dr. Millard’s obituary: Obituary_Revised

Please bring your question for former-forensic-scientist-turned-whistleblower Larry Ytuarte to class tomorrow. Another one of Larry’s articles has been posted on the Course Materials page; this one focuses on the Sonia Cacy case.

Your annotated bibliography for the final project is due after break. See here for more information about what this means! Schedule for presentations is here:

Monday, Dec 5th presentations
Group Topic
Ella and Rob Charles Manson
Lucie Jeffrey Dahmer
Eliza and Olivia Aileen Wuornos
Cassidy and Connor Robert Blake
Wednesday, Dec 7th presentations
Chris and David Casey Anthony
Hailey and Eli Amanda Knox
Travon and Demetri Dennis Dechaine
Jason and Will Andre Hatchett

Week 11 (week of Nov 14th):

Editing homework for Monday: Editing_Assignment-CH115docx

Final project topic is due this week. Syllabus says noon on Thursday, but you can have until Friday. Syllabus says that the annotated bibliography is due Monday right after Thanksgiving, but you can have until Wednesday.

Quiz on Wednesday! Arson and Monday’s lecture.

Groups for the final project are here:

Hailey and Eli; Travon and Demetrius; Chris and David; Eliza and Olivia; Cassidy and Connor; Ella and Rob; Jason and Will; Lucie going solo!

Week 10 (week of Nov 7th):

Final version of Paper #2 is due on Thursday morning!

It’s time to start thinking about Paper #3! This is a group project. If you have a strong preference for a partner, please let me know asap (by Nov 13th at the latest). Otherwise, I will assign a partner to you. You must clear your topic with me by Nov 18th.

Week 9 (week of Oct 31st):

Take-home quiz due on Monday. In-class quiz on Wednesday. Paper drafts due to peer review group and Prof. Millard on Thursday. Peer review groups are here:

Group 1. Travon Bradford, William Green, Holly Garcia, Olivia Yue

Group 2. Jason Brodo, Connor Krause, Eliza Mell, Hailey Reed

Group 3. Lucie Cunningham, Chris George, Elias French, Demetrius Ramirez

Group 4.  David Gonzalez, Cassidy Holzer, Ella Walton, Rob Cerepak

Peer review worksheet is here:  Peer_Review_2_CH115

Rubric for the paper is here: Rubric_Paper2_CH115-2016

Week 8 (week of Oct 24th):

“The Young Poisoner’s Handbook” (which is not the same as “The Poisoner’s Handbook”) is available on reserve at the Science Library on DVD.  There are three copies available for 2-hour checkouts.

Several big happenings next week: Take-home quiz due on Monday the 31st. In-class quiz on Wednesday. Paper drafts due to peer review group and Prof. Millard on Thursday.

Quiz on Monday the 24th! Covers all material since the last quiz, plus Episode 7 of Making a Murderer, The Stranger Beside Me, and sig figs again. (By Monday, you should be most of the way through the Bundy book.)

Week 6 (week of Oct 10th):

Final draft of Paper #1 is due Thursday at 9:00 AM! Taylor’s office hours on Thursday evening are cancelled this week, but you can email her to set up another time to meet if you need to. Tuesday office hours will proceed as usual.

Week 5 (week of Oct 3rd):

Paper #1 is due Thursday at noon! The rubric is here: Paper1_Rubric

Please read the syllabus CAREFULLY for the details about this assignment. Bring your one-page case report to class on Wednesday to exchange with a peer. The last sentence of the case report should contain your thesis statement, which should be something like this: “This evidence suggests that A. R. was the victim of X at the hands of Y.”  Your dramatized account of the crime should be consistent with this thesis statement.

Monday, October 10th will be used for paper workshopping. Please review your peers’ papers by completing the worksheet here (Peer_Review_1_CH115-2016) and bringing hard copies to class, as well as writing comments on the paper itself. Formal peer review groups for Monday’s workshop are posted below. You are responsible for checking with your group if you do not receive papers to review. Sometimes they seem to go astray.

Peer review groups, Paper #1:

Group 1. Travon Bradford, Jason Brodo, Lucie Cunningham, Ella Walton

Group 2. William Green, Cassidy Holzer, Connor Krause, Christopher George

Group 3. Demetrius Ramirez, Hailey Reed, Robert Cerepak, Aixin Yue

Group 4. Elias French, Holly Garcia, David Gonzalez, Eliza Mell

Week 4 (week of Sept 26th):

Quiz on Wednesday focuses on material since the last quiz but also includes sig figs. Please also complete this assignment (CH115_FindingInformationHandout) for class on Wednesday, which will include information from Science Librarian Kara Kugelmeyer on Research Best Practices. If you have a laptop, please bring it to class on Wednesday.

Week 3:

Quiz on Monday covers all course material to date.

Week 2:

Make sure that you meet with Taylor at the Writers’ Center this week, which means Thursday evening if you have not already done so. Also, for the blogs this week, please make sure you choose the correct category before posting.

Great job on the Violette Avenue blogs! Make sure to read your classmates’ blogs to see if they caught anything you missed. There were some very sharp eyes and some great observations there.

Please make sure that you read the chapter in Actual Innocence and the articles posted on the Course Materials page for Monday’s class, which will feature Prof. Coane of the Psychology Department.

Homework for Wednesday is to complete the plagiarism post-test; link is on the last slide: 2_Tips_Plagiarism_2016

Week 1:

Your first blog should be due on Friday, September 9th, but given that it requires some legwork to complete, you have until Sunday at 4 PM to complete your post. You also have an additional 24 hours to comment on a classmate’s post (by Monday at 6 PM).