How 9anime Is Changing The Entire Anime Community?

Konnichiwa to all the fellow weebs out here. As otakus, we have to find the perfect website that we can get on the internet that would beautify the viewing experience of Anime. But there are certain problems everywhere. For example, you might get the perfect site and then realize it’s all in Japanese. “Baaaka” is what you would shout when you encounter this.  Or maybe your favourite Anime is not available? Naruto Shippuden hasn’t been updated yet? There is no manga section? No hentai!? Ban on High School DxD? Or what if you find the perfect website and then discover that it was fake and the download links are just scams that make you download gambling apps. Nothing’s worse than that. 

Well, just one punch all the doubts in your mind like Saitama, cause in this article, you would find the reason as to why 9anime is considered as the best Anime streaming website as well as how it is changing our community.

What exactly is this website? 

9anime was launched way back during the Dragon Ball Super era, that is, in 2016. Bleach was the most-watched Anime, and we were still hoping to see the tournament unfold in the DB series. Back then, there were just some websites, and they were hanging on a thread as there was news on Reddit that these sites were going to be banned. 

But when 9anime came, all the fuss related to the download just disappeared. It was and is the best website that is designed for weebs. You can view almost every Anime from the early Naruto era to Jujutsu Kaizen. It’s a free anime streaming website that is immensely popular in the states and in Japan too. 

The impact on the anime community with respect to 9anime:-

Fellow otakus, you might know that the most basic and crucial point that an anime streaming website should offer is the fact that it should have both types. Let’s put an end to the debate of which is greater – subbed or dubbed. Cause you could find both the languages here on the 9anime website. Moreover, it is legal too. 

Yes, this may sound a bit off, as there is so much commotion going on in the community about what would happen if KissAnime shuts down. However, since you have already found this article, you need to know that 9anime is way better than KissAnime and is technically legal in the United States. It is okay to watch it online, and you can download it as the shows are copyrighted on the website. 

Benefits of choosing 9anime:-

Many points show the superiority of 9anime over other streaming sites, and here is the list of the same. The points are as follows:-

1. You can watch Anime in HD quality. 

2. Both sub and dub are available.

3. Free of charge.

4. Online watching available.

5. Hentai videos are available too

6. Amazing watching experience.

7. Copyrights of Anime on the website.

8. Daily updation on the website.

9. Easy to search.

10. Genre-wise selection available.

11. Alphabetically ordered and systemized videos.  9anime is an invention by Senku Ishigami for the weebs in the real world. If you liked this article, please comment your thoughts below. Onegaishimusu and Sayonara!