Do You Need A Clearance Certificate If You Are Under 18?

National Police Check is essential for educational institutes, workplaces, and residential buildings. If you are going to apply for a job or you want to take admission to a college or university, you need background verification. In addition, a police clearance certificate is very crucial before hiring a new employee or admitting a new student. 

It is very easy to apply for verification, and you will receive a response within two days. However, you might wonder if you need background verification for a candidate who is below eighteen years. In Australia, the age for considering a criminal offense is ten years. Therefore, a criminal check is necessary even if you are under eighteen.

Why Will You Need A Background Verification?

Volunteer work and community service are very common with youngsters. Many youngsters engage in such service and, therefore, deal with young children and older adults. It is one of the main reasons why you will need a police clearance certificate.

Volunteers involve many types of work like collecting funds, aiding the specially abled and collecting data. Their jobs require them to interact with different kinds of people and deal with confidential data. 

Many teenagers work as interns in various offices. There too, they deal with essential data of the company and interact with both men and women. Before introducing a new candidate to your office or the community, it is necessary to know them well.

There are individuals below eighteen who assist professionals like doctors, police, and lawyers. These jobs require a good candidate who is reliable and responsible. Therefore, it is cardinal to get scrutiny before employing them.

A legal screening process will help you to select the right intern or volunteer. Every short or long-term association for the company is essential. Moreover, if you choose the right person, it will indirectly help you to find a candidate for a permanent position.

What Will The Verification Reveal?

Verification will reveal any disclosable offenses by the candidate. That will mean if the person has any traffic violations, report of sexual violence, charges of murder, felony, or violence. The candidate will receive a clearance certificate if there are no offenses or charges against them.

There are some spent convictions where certain offenses undergo omission. The rule for a minor is that if they commit an offense three or five years before issuing the certificate. Then, in that case, their offense will undergo omission.

If any spent offense does show up on your police report, then you can dispute it. You will have to submit some documents to prove your point and the authorities will investigate further. After investigation, if they find the documents to be valid, then they will issue a police clearance certificate.

What Are The Other Instances An Offense May Undergo Omission?

Suppose you have been to court, and you may worry if that will create any issue. In some instances, such cases undergo offense if it is a petty or minor crime. However, if the minor commits murder, physical violence, sexual violence, or carries arms, weapons will not undergo omission. 

But in case of a minor offense, you may appeal to the Children’s Court, and they might not put a charge against you. In that case, if you do not commit any other crime for a period of two years, you do not need to worry about a clearance certificate.

You may wonder if a criminal record can expire. But, it does not pass. Instead, after a fixed tenure, it is excusable. It works even for adults if there is a gap of ten years before the candidates re-offend. 

Can A Background Verification Affect Your Future?

No, you do not need to worry regarding a police clearance certificate. A criminal record will not limit your future possibilities. You can apply for jobs or higher education without the fear of discrimination on the basis of your documents.

A police check is generally for safety and security reasons. It does not directly affect the hiring, admission process because the final decision is of the management. So, you must prepare for a good interview and be completely honest about yourself. Your first impression in front of the board can be truly life-changing.

In Australia, it is illegal to discriminate against anyone on the basis of their criminal records. Moreover, no one can conduct verification without your written consent. Therefore, if you are unsure or uneasy, you can discuss your problems with the management.

To Sum It Up

A police clearance certificate is very easy to get online and is fast, reliable. Do remember that for an under eighteen candidate, the permission of the parents is highly important. No authorities can conduct a test without this consent. Your willingness to get a police check will positively affect your first impression, so do not shy away from it.