The Best Futons – Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Futon finds Its origin in Japan and is an essential part of the Japanese minimalist lifestyle. Traditional bedding used by traditional Japanese people is known as futon mattresses. Futon mattresses are not as thick as the conventional mattress but are close in resemblance to a thick comforter that has been intentionally built as a bed with no need for a bed frame.

A futon is associated with the Japanese minimalist lifestyle and it is one of those bedding forms that save a lot of space. Futons are adjustable sleep systems that consist of a thinly padded mattress and an adjustable frame that can be folded up to resemble a couch or positioned flat as a bed. Futons are used as a bed that is used by a guest who stays overnight. Though there is always someone who uses it as their primary bed.

A wide range of futon frames is available in the market including bi-fold, tri-fold, loveseat, and buck bead designs. As a standard sofa, traditional futon frames have backs and arms, much like standard sofas. Other than that; there are also armless futons that are also available in the market.

In terms of construction materials futon materials also are made of various materials they include all-foam, all-cotton, foam-and-cotton, and innerspring. Futon mattresses are economically priced at $200 to $500 that includes both the mattress and the frames.

When do we use a Futon Mattress?

Futon mattress is not meant for long-term use. It can be used as an optional mattress until you find your own desired mattress. The beds of the futon mattress are foldable and won’t occupy much space and become a sofa when the bed is not in use. Thinner futon mattresses are often stuffed with all-foam, all-cotton and foam–and–cotton, and innerspring. Its thin mattress structure is however not meant for long-term usage as it might lead to backaches and severe other back-related issues.

Apart from the mattress, it is the futon bed that everyone resembles as they are small foldable, and won’t occupy much space in a limited room. They are thus sometimes used as beds for visiting guests. Though sometimes these mattresses might be thin and uncomfortable, some mattresses with cotton stuffing in the sides and support for coils in the core like the spring futon mattress might give you more comfort.

In this article, we are about to discuss different futon mattress types and the pros and cons of using different futon mattress types.

Futon Beds Standard Style and Designs:

Bi-fold:-Bi-fold futons are those futon mattresses when positioned in the upright position; it would mimic a sofa with the mattress folded up. Bi-fold mattress structure could be perfectly put flat on the floor.

Tri-fold:-Tri-fold as the name suggests is constructed of three different parts-a back, a chair, and a footrest. If these tri fold futons have a mattress on it can be folded into two types. They are usually paired with thinner futon mattresses. These futons act as a daytime sofa and a bed like their bi-fold counterpart.

The loveseat:-Loveseat frame can be positioned upright as a couch or completely flat for nighttime. Loveseat frames can also be reclined if you want to read or binge-watch your favorite series.

Bunk bed:-Bunk bed frames are designed with one elevated bed over a bi-fold or a loveseat futon frame and these types of bunk beds are most recommended for dorm rooms.

After discussing the different futon mattress types here are the pros and cons of owning a futon

Pros of Owning a Futon:-

Budget-friendly:-Ideally futon mattresses are extremely cheaper than the regular mattress and would cost you only a third of other types.

Futon Mattress would help you save space:- Futon mattresses are extremely space friendly and would be adjustable in a limited space setting.

Different looks:-You can change the look of your bedroom by modifying the futon cover.

Easy to clean:-Traditionally futon mattresses are made of 100% cotton and are very easily washable.

Cons of Owning a Futon Mattress:-

Prone to wear and tear-Futon mattresses are regularly folded and straightened up exposing them to severe stress that might leave them broken in several parts.

Unable to support weight in the long run:-Except if your futon is composed of polyfoam, your futon mattress has your weight unevenly distributed in the long term.

Restricted comfort level:-You have to realize that futon is not your ideal mattress and would be a non-permanent solution till you buy a full mattress as the size and the material of the futon mattress won’t give you a comfortable sleep.

Purchase Guide and Cost of a Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses are easy to buy and some stores do an excellent job in arranging futons and providing great visual descriptions with reviews. You can base your idea about owning a futon mattress based on the product description and review. You can then choose your product based on the visual description of the product. Though there are a wide variety of futon mattresses that are available online or in a physical store, not all futon mattresses might meet your requirements therefore you must be well aware of the distributor and visually identify if this bed would meet your demand.

Futon mattresses are excellent as they are economical prices and can sustain until you get a permanent mattress. You can find Premium quality futon beds at lower prices. Though there are various futon qualities it is the mid-priced futon that is more popular as they can sustain longer without much wear and tear and least maintenance. The mid-priced futon is perfect for every budget group as it is durable and in-expensive. They would cost you around $300 to $700.

Top Picks of the Best Futons

Nirvana futons Standard futon set:-This futon bedding system includes a loveseat frame made from hardwood supplied from a sustainable source and it can be used as a sofa bed or a lounger. The mattress of this futon is constructed with the top layer of cotton padding and four individual foam layers.

Mozaic Trupedic:-This Futon Mattress is the best budget futon mattress. The Mosaic Tri Pedic Mattress is 8-inches thick and features a foam built wrapped in cotton with an upholstery grade cover on the outside. This also comes in stylish blue coloring to appeal to any house décor. Its USP however is in a moderate price range.

Uton Kodiak Futon:-This futon mattress is 8 inches thick and it has a hinged innerspring with 276 coils and a high-density foam construction that is designed to support the body while you usually sleep. These mattresses are an excellent choice for side sleepers. The hinged design of the mattress should make the transition from sleep to Sit easier and the additional cotton layers add extra comfort.


While concluding it can be said that futon mattresses are ideal for people who have less spacious bedrooms. But they need to buy a quality futon bed with an innerspring mattress to avoid anybody’s aches or pain. But for regular usage, it is advisable to use futon until they permanently shift to their full-fledged mattress.