Overview to Satellite Phones in Australia

Satellite phones are an excellent option for isolated connections as they can be used anywhere in the world and function even when the internet and phone lines are down. They are used often throughout Australia and beyond for business communication needs as well as for those planning secluded expeditions, cruises, fishing expeditions, and much more.

How Satellite Phones Work

Satellite phones work by transmitting radio signals to a satellite which transmits them back down to a station that will route the call to the Public Switched Telephone Network. They work best when used outside without impediments as the signal strength may weaken without a clear line of sight to the satellite.

Sat Phone Service Provider Options

Some of the top providers of satellite phone service include:
● Iridium.
○ Iridium features the most thorough global service, covering the entire planet with a trusted network of satellites. They are the most recognizable sat phone service provider thanks to the global network and their partnership with Motorola. Devices on the network may cost more than alternatives, but they offer a secure and stable connection.
● Thuraya.
○ This Asian network covers two-thirds of the earth, including Australia. This can be trusted to work most of the time anywhere in Australia. It does use a slightly reduced satellite network than Iridium, which may result in Thuraya handsets not operating 100% of the time.
● Inmarsat.
○ The Inmarsat network includes global coverage everywhere except the Poles (for now). They own and operate some of the world’s most reliable and secure satellite and ground networks.
● Globalstar.
○ This network provides regional coverage that depends on the device chosen. They offer coverage maps to help consumers determine which of their devices will be best for their needs.

Before consumers hire or purchase a sat phone to use in Australia, they are encouraged to consider the different airtime plans and choose the device and plan that will be most suitable for specific applications.

Sat Phones & SMS.

The present networks within Australia allow users to receive and send SMS from any satellite phones. According to Satellite Phones Direct, incoming text messages are free and outgoing text messages are $1.00 each.

Using a Satellite Phone Aboard a Cruise.

Many individuals turn to satellite phones for dependable coverage on a cruise or fishing expedition. Sat phones offer a consistent per-minute rate regardless of the cruise location and the ship’s cellular technology. Sea-faring users should keep the following in mind:.
● Users must be outdoors and have a clear line of sight to the sky at all times to make OR receive calls.
● Users must move well away from any high powered radio or satellite equipment located on the ship.

Popular Sat Phone Devices.

Some of the most very sought out satellite phones for business or recreation include the following:.
● Iridium 9555.
○ This is one of the most popular Iridium sat phone used in Australia thanks to an easy-to-use interface and a straightforward, sleek design. The Iridium 9555 is rugged enough to hold up in the harshest climates and includes an integrated speakerphone, improved SMS and email capabilities, an internally stowed antenna, and an upgraded Mini-USB data port.
● Iridium 9575 Extreme.
○ This sat phone features enhanced performance and it is the first to feature the fully integrated services of customizable GPS, online tracking, and programmable emergency notifications. The Iridium 9575 offers truly global coverage.
● Inmarsat Isatphone 2.
○ This option offers more advanced features than other sat phones from Inmarsat. It is priced competitively to result in incredible value for consumers and includes a prepaid sim card option. The Isatphone 2 features dependable connectivity, voicemail, text and email messaging, tracking, high voice quality, GPS location data, and more.

Customers can direct concerns to their satellite phone provider to determine the best device for land, air, or sea applications.

Satellite Phone Accessories.

Satellite Phone Sales also features an impressive lineup of satellite phone accessories to help users stay connected. Shop their internet site for sat phone cases, antennas, batteries, docking stations, wifi satellite hotspots, privacy handsets, and more from top brands.

Where to Rent or Get Satellite Phones, Airtime Plans, & Accessories.

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Buy a Sat Phone.

Satellite phones can be a great tool for emergency use or even hourly communication back to the office or home. Renters or buyers can place an order online or over the phone. Satellite Phone Sales offers next business day delivery for most cities across Australia. Orders must be placed before 3:00 pm EST for next business day delivery (weekends excluded).

Satellite Phone Sales is dedicated to helping Australian consumers improve their communications capability. To learn more about satellite phone equipment and airtime plans, visit Satellite Phone Sales today.

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