Where can anime fans watch anime shows?

Anime industry has various shows and movies that their fans can watch on given channel or online. There are many ways through which you can watch anime online; there are sites that stream online videos. Let us talk about one such website called kissanime. Kissanime was a very popular website that streamed the anime videos and had video links that fans can use to download the videos to watch later. Kissanime made user interface easy for fans as website was easy to locate and search for shows and movies.

 According to industry experts, kissanime was widely recognized in other countries also. Anime is an art of animation that is hand made by artists in Japan. Anime became very popular among children, teenagers, and adults. As more fans were connecting to the industry, kissanime owners saw the opportunity and made a website called kissmanga. It is the parent website of kissanime. Back in the days there were not enough places where people could watch anime. In such times, every one turned their attention to kissanime and kissmanga. There are many factors as to why kissanime and kissmanga touched those great heights.

Other websites that stream anime show and movies, charge their viewers. Kissanime did not charge subscription from their viewers. Websites like Crunchyroll and Netflix charge premiums and subscriptions from the viewers of the website. Most of the websites that are legit will charge money from viewers, they earn revenue from it. This in turn helps the anime industry to grow. Japanese anime industry is going through rough patches and need maximum support from their fans. The anime industry is earning a lot of money in terms of revenue, but all this money goes to big distributors, producers, and powerful companies. The artists of the shows are living in denial. They are paid about $6 to $8 per episode. The working conditions of artists are bad, this way if fans watch the anime on sites like kissanime their condition will worsen.

Kissanime has wide range of shows and movies; this gives more options to the fans. Almost every thing they want to watch is already on the website. Kissanime had the option of subscription and premium but it was optional. The subscription will eliminate the advertisements that are in the way of watching videos. The translations and subs are very convenient on kissanime. They offer many subtitle languages that the viewer can watch. This is good for the fans who do not understand Japanese. There are various options available on the website that will help the viewer find the show they want to watch. Also, viewers can see which shows are in trending on the website and in general. The shut down of kissanime was unexpected. The ban happened on august 14th, 2020 and has not been uplifted yet. The site will remain shut forever.

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