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Anime stands for ‘cartoon’ or ‘animation’ in Japanese. Some anime are hand-drawn cartoons put into motion, but they can also be made using CGI computer animation. Earlier, when the filmmakers did not have a lot of money, many switched to animation, creating creative cartoons. It is an amalgamation of cinematography, graphic art, with distinctive production methods and imaginative techniques. Hand drawn is what separates it from reality and leads towards a fantasy universe.

What labels anime as extra special

  • ‘It’s different’ as said by a maximum number of anime fans. Its style differs from being outlandish and flamboyant. 
  • Even the most basic shows could be visually attractive. They have an epic storyline and demands the involvement of sentiments from the watchers. 
  • Standard anime style and theme include supernatural or horror, martial arts and ninja, science fiction inclusive of spaceships and robots, and romantic. 
  • There are many American animations production encouraged by the same.  
  • gogoanime promotes family time, good relationship, community work, friendships, and the most predominant moral of good defeating evil. 

Anime online

Anime websites are the ones that hold several animated TV shows, cartoons and movies. People are gradually switching to anime other than web series on OTT platforms. Earlier, it was popular amongst youngsters, and now it is enjoyed by every age group. There are several websites that require subscription for online streaming and downloading. These subscriptions are mostly expensive and unaffordable for anime lovers. Finding the right website could be a challenge for those who have watched several animated shows. Trying to stream the shows online is mostly tricky as it is illegal, and the website does not own the copyright. There isn’t one particular website for anime watchers but gogoanime.  It can be watched on tablets, iPhones, computers, mobile phone, laptops and many more. 

Traits of a good anime site

  • Videos in which one is interested can be requested to the website.
  • One can easily watch the latest anime series without any expensive subscription on many.
  • There are several genres and categories available, from drama, comedy, actions to games and many more.
  • SSL certified series could be browsed and enjoyed with ease. 
  • Engaging and mild interface and excellent filter search.
  • Dubbed and subbed version of the shows are also available.

The storytelling in Japanese culture is extremely intense and vibrant, with powerful characters and cartoons meant for adult and children entertainment. There is a dedicated audience for this work of art. The shows are character-oriented where characters have an aim in their life and play a great thematic purpose in life, and the narrative revolves around those characters. The vivid imagination of the creators depicts these fine and expressive characters sending some thought-provoking messages and ideas. Purists and hardcore anime fans argue upon the alteration of the original theme and voice of the show to keep the originality of the theme and imaginative flair. The anime shows are dubbed and translated into English for larger audience coverage. 

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