3 Different Milks To Try In Your Coffee

The world is full of different styles of coffee. From robust flavors to subtle hues, coffee subscription companies have diverse and distinct products. What’s flavoring and accenting the caffeinated creation is just as unique. If you’re allergic to dairy or simply looking for something new, here are three non-dairy options to consider adding in your favorite cup of coffee. 

1. Oat Milk

This milk is made by combing oats, milk and canola oil to create a flavor that rivals whole dairy milk. It’s chock full of fiber and other added health benefits such as low fat, high protein and improved digestion. It will add a rich, smooth taste to your coffee that can be foamed. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to take your Instagram-worthy pics of designs in your latte with this milk. 

2. Almond Milk

This milk is nice because producers have developed ways to accent its taste. There’s a lot of flavored versions of almond milk, and it can come sweetened or unsweetened. You do have to be careful about the milk setting on top of your coffee, instead of it mixing together smoothly. To avoid this, don’t pour almond milk into piping hot coffee. That can cause an adverse curdling reaction. If you like a nutty flavor, this milk will do the trick. 

3. Coconut Milk

This milk is full of characteristics that transform your coffee from an everyday drink to an island excursion. The flavors of coconut are rich and exotic without added sweeteners and flavors. This is a dense milk, so it won’t water down your coffee either. Make sure you’re really into the coconut flavor because the milk isn’t subtle. You’ll get coconut vibes in every sip. 

Just like coffee, milks have expanded and grown enormously in diverse options for customers. Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegetarian or always looking for new food to try, experimenting with what milk you add to your coffee could be your next food-focused project.