Quesba’s Journey During Pandemic and Beyond

Quesba an ed-tech came up with the objective of helping students across US going to universities and college by making sure to provide different educational services that students might need help with like solutions to textbook solutions, qualified experts to help students in real time making sure to clarify their doubts, writing services, on demand tutoring and many more.

Covid 19 has made the world witness some of the most important changes including the transformation of e-learning. In the precautions to avoid spread of the disease almost all the schools, college and universities were shut down across the globe. To avoid the gap in learning universities started conducting classes and activities online through various digital platforms with live lectures. As the shift was rapid and in the most uncertain time, this made students to turn to various resources that they could get online in order to study.

This was followed by huge traffic from across world for different services on Quesba. With solutions of different disciplines like accounting, database management, computer science, management, humanities, nursing, finance, statistics etc. a student can get unstuck on their problem in learning with no time wasted in searching for solution. Quesba’s rich database has been made in such a way that a student can find solution to their query within seconds keeping in mind that during these difficult times they should not have to worry about getting their doubts cleared.

In this pandemic other services like on demand tutoring proved to be very helpful to students. Students from various disciplines turned to the platform to study the concepts that they were facing problem with. Nothing could be more comfortable than getting online demand tutoring from their comfort zone. As the main objective is to provide hassle free learning experience to students, experts have provided their continuous support to the students by being available for them at any point of time. 

Services like help with writing essays, thesis, dissertation, research and admission has seen a high demand. With universities closed students could not seek proper help from their centers on campus and they sought online help from experts. Online learning also proved to be very effective for students as they can learn as per their convenience, learn faster, can have resources from multiple platforms. Students need continuous support from experts for their effective learning and this was made sure by standing with them as there should be no obstacle between a hardworking student and their studies.

There was exponential rise in instant chat support with experts around semester exams. This feature helps students to get in touch directly with the tutors and clarify their doubts regarding concepts and get solution in real time. All the features have been designed to meet the additional requirements of the students and help everyone excel in their courses. With students being free to study as per their time availability there was a regular pattern of students spending time learning online. The emphasis was to deliver tailor made services to them by understanding the requirement of each student.

This pandemic has indeed bought some swift changes and it helped to realize the objective of helping students in every possible way. It was an amazing experience to keep the students and tutors connected with each other. Post pandemic analysis would be important to see the difference in trend and provide services to the students accordingly. With access to over 5 million + textbook solutions and various other facilities it has been ensured to empower every aspiring student and deliver best services in order to help realize their dream. With advancement of technology education is no longer confined physically and online education has made learning accessible to even those who found it difficult earlier due to other commitments. Therefore it is important to stand and support them in all the possible ways and help them succeed in their journey.