The Benefits and Risks of Investing in Real Estate Subject To an ...

Real estate deals which are subject to the existing mortgage are creative ways to invest in real estate which can come with unique risks and benefits. Knowing what those are, can give you a better picture of the process and whether it is right for your investment strategy.


One of the first things you learn about how to invest in real estate is that accurately evaluating the risks of each deal is the key to success. This is true about “subject to” deals as well. Some of the risks include the lender calling the note due when they find out about the deal. If the lender is not willing to work with you, then you will have to refinance or have the property repossessed. This can subject you to fines from the seller as well as from the lender and any tenants you have in the property. When you talk to investment pros who use this strategy, however, you will find that this is a rare occurrence and that many investors have never seen it happen.


Some of the benefits to these deals include lower interest rates and faster transaction times. Interest rates change all the time and if the seller has a lower fixed rate than you could get on a new mortgage for the property, then taking over their payments can save you a lot of money in the long run. You can also lock in timely offers without having to wait for loan approvals or when you are not eligible for the type of mortgage you would need. If you can make the payments and get the right paperwork in, you are good to flip or rent out the property.

Real estate deals which are “subject to” often get a bad reputation and are sometimes called illegal or unethical, but they come with many of the same risks and benefits that other deals do. These are good ways to lock in lower interest payments for real estate and can be creative ways to invest when you cannot get your own loan in time.

3 Different Milks To Try In Your Coffee

The world is full of different styles of coffee. From robust flavors to subtle hues, coffee subscription companies have diverse and distinct products. What’s flavoring and accenting the caffeinated creation is just as unique. If you’re allergic to dairy or simply looking for something new, here are three non-dairy options to consider adding in your favorite cup of coffee. 

1. Oat Milk

This milk is made by combing oats, milk and canola oil to create a flavor that rivals whole dairy milk. It’s chock full of fiber and other added health benefits such as low fat, high protein and improved digestion. It will add a rich, smooth taste to your coffee that can be foamed. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to take your Instagram-worthy pics of designs in your latte with this milk. 

2. Almond Milk

This milk is nice because producers have developed ways to accent its taste. There’s a lot of flavored versions of almond milk, and it can come sweetened or unsweetened. You do have to be careful about the milk setting on top of your coffee, instead of it mixing together smoothly. To avoid this, don’t pour almond milk into piping hot coffee. That can cause an adverse curdling reaction. If you like a nutty flavor, this milk will do the trick. 

3. Coconut Milk

This milk is full of characteristics that transform your coffee from an everyday drink to an island excursion. The flavors of coconut are rich and exotic without added sweeteners and flavors. This is a dense milk, so it won’t water down your coffee either. Make sure you’re really into the coconut flavor because the milk isn’t subtle. You’ll get coconut vibes in every sip. 

Just like coffee, milks have expanded and grown enormously in diverse options for customers. Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegetarian or always looking for new food to try, experimenting with what milk you add to your coffee could be your next food-focused project.

Quesba’s Journey During Pandemic and Beyond

Quesba an ed-tech came up with the objective of helping students across US going to universities and college by making sure to provide different educational services that students might need help with like solutions to textbook solutions, qualified experts to help students in real time making sure to clarify their doubts, writing services, on demand tutoring and many more.

Covid 19 has made the world witness some of the most important changes including the transformation of e-learning. In the precautions to avoid spread of the disease almost all the schools, college and universities were shut down across the globe. To avoid the gap in learning universities started conducting classes and activities online through various digital platforms with live lectures. As the shift was rapid and in the most uncertain time, this made students to turn to various resources that they could get online in order to study.

This was followed by huge traffic from across world for different services on Quesba. With solutions of different disciplines like accounting, database management, computer science, management, humanities, nursing, finance, statistics etc. a student can get unstuck on their problem in learning with no time wasted in searching for solution. Quesba’s rich database has been made in such a way that a student can find solution to their query within seconds keeping in mind that during these difficult times they should not have to worry about getting their doubts cleared.

In this pandemic other services like on demand tutoring proved to be very helpful to students. Students from various disciplines turned to the platform to study the concepts that they were facing problem with. Nothing could be more comfortable than getting online demand tutoring from their comfort zone. As the main objective is to provide hassle free learning experience to students, experts have provided their continuous support to the students by being available for them at any point of time. 

Services like help with writing essays, thesis, dissertation, research and admission has seen a high demand. With universities closed students could not seek proper help from their centers on campus and they sought online help from experts. Online learning also proved to be very effective for students as they can learn as per their convenience, learn faster, can have resources from multiple platforms. Students need continuous support from experts for their effective learning and this was made sure by standing with them as there should be no obstacle between a hardworking student and their studies.

There was exponential rise in instant chat support with experts around semester exams. This feature helps students to get in touch directly with the tutors and clarify their doubts regarding concepts and get solution in real time. All the features have been designed to meet the additional requirements of the students and help everyone excel in their courses. With students being free to study as per their time availability there was a regular pattern of students spending time learning online. The emphasis was to deliver tailor made services to them by understanding the requirement of each student.

This pandemic has indeed bought some swift changes and it helped to realize the objective of helping students in every possible way. It was an amazing experience to keep the students and tutors connected with each other. Post pandemic analysis would be important to see the difference in trend and provide services to the students accordingly. With access to over 5 million + textbook solutions and various other facilities it has been ensured to empower every aspiring student and deliver best services in order to help realize their dream. With advancement of technology education is no longer confined physically and online education has made learning accessible to even those who found it difficult earlier due to other commitments. Therefore it is important to stand and support them in all the possible ways and help them succeed in their journey. 

Modern Higher Education Advanced By Technological Advancement

Education has always been one of those essential industries that was designed, intended, and overwhelmingly necessity. Additionally, it has always continued to go from strength to strength purely for what it offers the individuals who pursue it and are involved in the key frameworks  that make academia what it is. Over the years, we have seen a tremendous amount of attention to detail and overall emphasis that has gone into advancing and enhancing global academics time and again. Even more, we continue to do so.

Today, we are seeing an incredible amount of advancement and enhancement in inclusion and representation of modern marvels that are designed and intended to allow us to achieve a more informed and understanding approach to the true value of education and all that it makes possible for individuals who were fortunate enough to have access to education. There is much to be said about the fact that education is at its most advanced stage yet and this is likely calmer if not certainly, just the start.

The constant evolution of academia

Higher education is Just one fourth of education. However, it also happens to be one of the most important positive education there is simply for the fact that this is the aspect of academics that is designed and intended to allow individuals who genuinely want to continue learning to have the opportunity to do so in a high quality environment that allows and encourages them to find their footing and become their best selves. Over the years, we have seen a tremendous amount of attention to detail and overall emphasis and we are just now beginning to see the next era of that begins to shine through.

Modern higher education advanced by technology

Today, modern higher education (and modern education in general, of course) is empowered by waves of technological advancement. Technological advancement and enhancement is designed and intended to make life as we know it easier in some way or another. In the higher education field and in education in general, the role of technological advancement and enhancement is to empower individuals who have access to academics to continuously find their footing and really take advantage of not only traditional materials but also modern tools that are created for them to be able to really come into their own.

The future of higher education 

There is quite a lot to be said about the fact that this is likely, if not certainly, just the start for the next hour in higher education. The future of higher education has never looked brighter and this is largely due to the fact that there is more interest and investment and empowering Ford higher education then there has ever been before. From the introduction of online versions of the typical USMLE course to the complete digital overhaul of even the most traditional and client courses and degrees, higher education is becoming more convenient and efficient as well as effectively and successfully becoming more accessible and inclusive than ever. And in many ways, this is just the tip of the iceberg. the best is certainly yet to come. 

4 Reasons Why You Must Opt For A Resume Maker

Are you trying to draft your resume? Whenever you apply for a new job, the first document that you need to submit is your resume. Whether you make it to the next round or not largely depends upon this document. You may have seen that people with lesser skills and qualifications crack the job, while the more qualified ones are kept waiting in the queue.

The reason for this is simple. Their resume is better at convincing the employer that they are meant for the job. But writing a solid resume that can actually open doors for you is no easy task. Many people with years of professional experience fumble when it comes to building resumes.

To help solve this problem, some companies have come up with the idea of online resume makers. Using these makers, you can create a perfect resume in only a few clicks. They also offer the users innumerable resume examples to follow. If you are still wondering if the resume makers are worth it, go through this list of reasons right away:

Saves You Time

Today, time has become one of the most important resources. So it would be best if you used your time judiciously. For those who have no experience of writing resumes in the past, completing one may take up to several days. If you devote all your days to writing the resume, you will be left with no time to look for suitable opportunities. Further, most of the job openings come with a deadline. If you cannot make a good resume within the given time, it will be of little use.

By opting for the resume makers, you will be able to skip the complete hassle of doing this. All you need is a few minutes, and your resume will be ready for use.

Looks Professional

A resume is not just what you write but also how you present it. To some people, presentation skills come naturally, while for others, despite all the efforts, they fail at it. Resumes that look professional have a higher chance of gaining the hiring manager’s attention than one that looks untidy and messy. In fact, presentation is one of the key elements of a professional resume.

With the resume makers, you already have hundreds of ready-made templates along with complimentary font styles and background colors. All you have to do is choose one that compliments your niche.

Good Investment

Many people shy away from using resume makers because they feel it will cut a hole in their pocket. But that is not true. A good resume is like an asset that is going to give you favorable returns. In fact, the tiny sum that you spend on making the resume now is more like an investment towards a secured future.

Avoid Errors

In most of the career counseling that you go through, one warning that will be repeated again and again is about typos in your resume. Though this point is reiterated so many times, yet the typos are so deceptive that you end up missing them. With the resume makers on board, you do not have to worry about any errors.

Now that you have the reasons before you try out a resume maker today and feel the difference.